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Hector Zamora & Beata Lysakowska -Fantasy Art Photo

Hector Zamora & Beata Lysakowska

Here we go, writing “about us”… for me it’s kind of hard talk “about me”, it’s like staring at myself in the mirror, feels awkward…

I heard once; if you do what you actually love, you will never work again in your life.

This is my case. Fantasy Art Photo is the name, and behind that name there exist a couple, a happy husband & wife. We love what we do and the best of all; we are doing it best together…

            I remember when I was a kid we had hard timesl. My parents were getting divorce, we jumped from one house to another, and was in one of those house that I found this small old (and broke) camera, with the cube flash in the top of it, so that became my new toy, looking into the dirty viewfinder and faking the shooter noise. It was funny and keeps me away from the hardship we were facing…

            It was later in life when I realized that that old camera made an impact in my life, (so whatever we live in life we have to be grateful, there is a reason behind any situation) I went to school also did went to technical photography school but of course, life went by and I got caught by the everyday live working my way to pay my bills and really forgot about that small old camera.

            After so many years of ups and downs, I found the woman of my life, and we; together enjoying what we call our “Fantasy” – Fantasy Art Photo

Beata is my wife, talking about her is easier, beautiful woman (inside and out), I fell in love the first moment I saw her, multi talented, massage therapist by profession, photographer by instinct. Although she’s been through difficult situations, there is always a big smile on her face, She is my inspiration, my motivation, the motor that push me when I get stuck, and we always laugh because she assisted me when we taking pictures, she is the one that carries the light and the batteries, I said that she is my light and my batteries, and is true; She is my truly light and my truly batteries when I need to get through.

            We at Fantasy Art Photo, striving for perfection, when we started the company in 2015 taking pictures of families and friends, what they said, their comments, their smiles, the surprise when they saw the pictures, was AMAZING that was the turning point, we can do it (I thought) and now we doing it.

            We are what the people said about us, it’s that simple. We are just a happy couple doing what we love, and the reward? Is the AMAZING smile, the happiness we see in their faces when they see the pics. Those were the moment when the session started, the friendship we started building at that moment, based in integrity, honesty, happiness, friendship, and evermore important “LOVE”.

            Love for what we do, love for people, love for seeing the smiles in their faces, all comes along, in one place, and we are proud of being part of that place, a company called Fantasy Art Photo.